My Work

Highlighted on this page are select projects which reflect my skills and services.


User experience and interface design, graphic design, photography, project lifecycle management, business plan development, proposal and contract management, client relationship management, customer service.


VB.NET, ASPX, HTML5 (JavaScript / jQuery, CSS), PHP, C#, Python, Ladder Logic, iOS and Android app development, Unity AR. GitHub/jmshearer


System support, circuit and PCB creation, Arduino, RPi, PLCs, electronic installation, tower work, rigging.

GTP Amusement Photography

Professionally, I develop and maintain core amusement photography software and systems for GTP Corporation including our custom Point Of Sale system, Capture & Server software, Web Applications & APIs, and custom hardware solutions. At present, we support operations 24/7/365 in 8 states and 4 countries, affecting over 10M customers annually. In addition to software development and support, my tasks include cloud deployments, electronic development, and client & customer relations.

SKUpics High Volume Product Photography

When approached by a client asking to photograph 230,000 products in 11 months, we at GTP quickly developed an intuitive system that allowed us to meet the demands of the client--our first-ever foray into product photography--in record time. The software and hardware we developed ultimately was spun off into a sister company, SKUpics Studios.


At GTP, we developed a suite of CamLNX-branded products; ranging from CamLNX:Ride, a low-cost amusement ride photo system based on a Raspberry Pi and DSLR to our Android-based CamLNX:app which relies on a custom USB and MTP implementation designed for reliability and durability.

OPS and Cloud Infrastructure

Every year we capture millions of customer photos at GTP, hundreds per minute at peak. In order to manage this vast database of photos, we utilize Amazon S3, DynamoDB, and SQS, among other AWS services, to create a highly-scalable system for indexing, processing, and managing access to photos. This cloud infrastructure forms the backbone for many of our offerings, enabling a high level of availability and durability.

Neural Networks

Do you ever wonder what the HERSHEY’S Characters do on a slow day at Chocolate World? They ride the ride, of course! At least they do now thanks to a neural network we developed to analyze cars on Hershey’s Chocolate World’s Tour Ride, find empty seats, and fill them with Hershey’s Characters. This project was a fun combination of the disciplines of Machine Vision, Neural Network, and Imaging Processing.

Wifi Deployment for Wireless Glucose Monitoring

Under the heading of Shearer-Consulting, and as a volunteer for Camp Swatara, we deployed a large-scale wifi network to blanket all camper facilities to enable wireless glucose monitoring for an all-diabetic camp group. The project required supplementing existing equipment with wireless repeaters and a fiber optic backhaul, ultimately resulting in a more restful and safer experience for campers.

John 13:14-15 is a scripture we as Brethren take seriously. So what do you do when you can't be together because of the Covid-19 global pandemic? We wash each other's feet digitally. Ultimately served as a platform for 4 congregations to conduct Love Feast with foot washing remotely and as a springboard for conversation for many others.


From past roles on the WITF Community Advisory Board and with Crew 456 to current roles on the Camp Swatara Board of Trustees, and a variety of roles at Annville Church of the Brethren, I keep busy...